Classroom Sponsored Activities for 2018 Fall Festival

Classroom Game Booths

Each year, the classrooms at Larkspur Elementary School sponsor a classroom game at the Fall Festival. Watch for updates on this year’s games which will all be staffed by youth volunteers this year so you and your family can just enjoy the festival.

Plus look for several games & booths run by our sponsors!


2017 Game Booths

Kindergarten – Mrs. Caldwell & Ms. Cookson:  Cauldron Toss & Pinecone Bird Feeder Craft

1st Grade – Mrs. Dann:  Cupcake Walk

1st/2nd Grade – Mrs. Geiger: Ghoul-Fish Toss

2nd Grade – Ms. Parsons:  Pick a Winner & Toy Walk

3rd Grade – Mrs. Eckert:  Freaky Football

3rd Grade – Ms. Feder: Prize Wheel

4th Grade – Mrs. Mole’: Whack a Student

4th Grade – Mrs. Lunsford: Ghostly Golf

5th Grade – Mrs. Stucky:  Boo Bowling

5th/6th Grade – Mrs. Dietz:  Angry Pumpkins

5th/6th Grade – Mrs. Sires: Eyeball Toss