Interested in Volunteering?

The success of the Fall Festival is due, in part, to the generosity of the many volunteers – parents, community members, middle school and high school students and more!  We thank you for all your support!!

If you are a high school student, volunteering for this event will count towards your volunteer hours to graduate.  Show up at the volunteer booth where they will have copies of the DCSD Community Service Form ready.  Your sheet will be filled out with the number of hours that you helped. 

Click here to fill out our electronic volunteer form:
2018 Fall Festival Volunteer Form

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding volunteering at the Fall Festival…

1. Can I volunteer with my friends?  Yes, you can enter the names of the people you would like to work with and most likely, we will be able to schedule you together.  Most volunteer positions are best for groups of 2 or 3.

2. Will someone be available to sign for my volunteer hours?  Yes, when you check in at the entrance of the festival at the start of your first shift, we will mark your arrival time.  At the end of your last shift, we will sign off on your DCSD Community Service Form.  We will provide this form for all volunteers.  Students needing other documentation should bring their own forms.

3. Will lunch be provided?  We are working on securing a sponsor to provide lunch for student volunteers.  At a minimum, drinks and snacks will be provided.  Food will also be available for purchase at the Festival.

4. Can I volunteer for specific activities at the Fall Festival?  Volunteer needs have been organized as Carnival Rotation, Haunted House and Festival Rotation.  Further explanation can be found via the sign up link.

Please don’t hesitate to reply to this email with any other questions or concerns, however, volunteer sign up is only through the link above.  Thank you in advance for volunteering for Larkspur’s Fall Festival.

Any other inquiries regarding volunteering may be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator, at larkspurpto@gmail.com.